Nix and NixOS are developed and used by a diverse and welcoming community from all around the world.

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Where to talk?


The official forum is the right place to get help from other users and discuss the development of the projects. There are also Announcements, Job offers and Events.

Discourse Forum


Another place to get in contact with other users is the official IRC channel:

#nixos on the freenode network (logs are available)

Open Webchat

Other Platforms

The community is also active on otx-amz-website-redirect-locationher platforms.


The NixCon Team organizes a conference once a year.

Next Conference

NixCon 2020 - Online

NixCon is a community-oriented conference for contributors and users of Nix and NixOS. It's about sharing experiences, inspiring people and discussing future development.

Previous Conferences

NixCon 2019 - Brno

NixCon is becoming a regular gathering that everybody expects to happen. This year we met at Brno, Czech Republic. This was the biggest conference so far.

NixCon 2018 - London

For the first time a Nix conference outside the Germany. London was the first conference that was not run over the weekend, but during the week.

NixCon 2017 - Munich

After a year of a break, Nix community gathered at TNG Technology Consulting in Munich.

NixCon 2015 - Berlin

Taking place in a Berlin-style converted loft, it was the first NixOS conference. It was the first time Nix community came together in such numbers. In two days there were many interesting talks.